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Products           Picture Detailed Specification More
  K10 series  two-jaw self-centring chucks           2 jaw chuck With soft clutches, suitable for processing various special shaped workpieces,     

 K11 series three-jaw self-centring chucks

          3 jaw chuck Subdivided into three types, K11, K11A, K11C     
 K12 series four-jaw self-centring chuck             4 jaw chuck  Suitable for batch process of square, eight-square prism accessories      
K12 Four-jaw chuck >>>         
 K72 series Four-jaw independent chuck
           k72 chuck  Adopts short cylinder and short circular cone shape
Taper shank precision 3 jaw chuck taper shank 3 jaw lathe chuck R8, 5C,Morse taper shank precison 3 jaw  


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