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                      Hinge drill bits

Self centering hinge bits with spring pilot are wonderful tools for door installation

These highly accurate, self-centering hinge drilling Vix bits are used for precise drilling of holes for cabinet and door hinges, door butts and all large and small hardware. Desired depth is achieved by loosening a setscrew, setting the high speed drill bit, and then tightening the setscrew.

            hinge drill bit


Vix Bits Size
Screw Size 
3#, 4# 
5#, 6# 
8#, 9#, 10#
14#, 15#, 16#


Hinge Centring Drills with Hex Shanks 3pcs set

Includes 5/64", 7/64" and 9/64" Vix Bits.

hinge drill bit set       hinge drill bit set




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